About Victory Films

Victory Films is an ad film production company headquartered in Mumbai, the commercial and entertainment capital of India. With our in-house panel of Directors, we are capable of creating films of any scale, right from a 10-second TV commercial to a full length feature film. Our first feature film Youth released in June 2016.

Like all other video production outfits, we “bring ideas to life” and “think differently”. But, unlike most others, we have a unique blend of passion, creativity and technical know-how, which helps us create something magical – something that we and our clients can be proud of. In every project that we undertake, we deliver everything that our clients need, plus a little extra.

Our Story

Victory Films was founded by Sundar Sethuraman, a veteran of the advertising industry, who has produced commercials and audio-visuals for P&G, LIC, Ambience, JWT and Percept. He started a company called The Voice Bank, which is an audio production studio that specializes in voice coordination for television commercials, radio spots, jingles, promos, sound design, script, translation and dubbing. The Voice Bank has been integral to the production of various award-winning radio spots, including a Gold Mirchi Kaan for Cadbury Celebrations. Other notable work includes radio spots for BJP’s Abki Baar Modi Sarkaar campaign.

The next step for Sundar was to venture into feature film production and that’s how Victory Films was conceived.

Why ‘Victory’ Films?

In life, everyone aspires to succeed, to win. And the most satisfying feeling for any individual is to achieve that success. That moment of victory is what we all strive for. However, each one of us defines victory in their own way.

So, what is victory for us? We believe that victory is not in miles, but in inches. We celebrate a victory every day. A happy client is victory. Audiences enjoying our content is victory. And while most people in the feature film industry would define victory as a 500 crore box office collection, we see victory in using cinema as a means to give back to society. Even with Youth, every time a viewer realized the gravity of the water-crisis and decided to act upon it, was victory for us.

This is exactly what we are trying to do. We endeavoured to start a social movement #LetsStopIt with our very first feature film. The campaign is aimed at stopping farmer suicides in India. Even today, every time we see someone joining us in this movement, we can feel that God smiles and it is a moment of victory for all of us.

As part of the #LetsStopIt campaign, Victory Films has already adopted the villages of Pahadi Pargaon and Jiwachiwadi in the Beed district of Maharashtra. We hope for your support to extend relief to more regions in need.